The Equi Cool Down beanies, made with an elastic band and a mesh top, are extremely comfortable to wear. Wear the beanie under your helmet to keep your head cool on hot days.

Fits 21″ to 25″ (actual dimensions 3.25″ x 21″)

PRICE: $14.99


Buy together and SAVE!   Our Executive Combo package gives you everything you’ll need to cool your horse quickly, easily and effectively!  Contains 1 original ECD Equine Body Wrap, 1 ECD Equine Neck Wrap and 1 set of ECD Equine Leg Wraps. 

Retail value $264.93…yours for $229.99! 


By overwhelming popular demand we are proud to introduce to you our new Equine Hock Wraps!  Sold in pairs, these new 20″ x 23″ wraps will provide the necessary cooling therapy exactly where it is needed while still allowing the flexibility this joint demands.

PRICE: $44.99



Already a vet favorite-Equi Cool Down’s Equine Neck Wrap provides gentle, non-evasive cooling for neck soreness, post-injection swelling or overall cooling via the jugular. The versatile “one-size-fits-most” design using adjustable spandex straps holds the wrap in place without being too tight.  SIZE: 14.75″€ Tall x 63″€ Wide with 70″€ Spandex-Velcro Straps.

PRICE: $54.99


Treat inflammation, strains, sprains or even insect bites quickly and easily with Equi Cool Down’s equine leg wraps. Designed to ensure a snug yet comfortable fit, these leg wraps won’t slide down like cold compresses or ice packs rigged using traditional leg wraps.

Size:  15″ Tall x 31″ Wide with Adjustable Spandex-Velcro Straps, sold in pairs.

Out on a trail with no easy access to a hose to cool off your horse’s legs? No problem! Pack a few of these Equi Cool Down Equine Leg Wraps in your saddlebag for an easy treatment of inflammation, strains, sprains or even insect bites. Versatile “one-size-fits-most” design using an exclusive spandex/Velcro combination allows the strap to fit snugly (but not too tight) on hock joints or fetlocks. Their unique design ensures these innovative leg wraps won’t slide down like cold compresses or ice packs rigged using traditional leg wraps!

PRICE: $39.99 PAIR


 We’ve taken our popular Equine Body Wrap and super-size it – covering more than ever before.  The body portion has been increased from 60″ x 63″ to 67″ x 82″ and we’ve added a chest flap and a removable belly flap!  What more can a horse ask for? FITS UP TO 18 HANDS! 

PRICE: $219.99

Wonderful GIft for your groom, barn help, or Rider!



This new, innovative product is wonderful for the recreational rider who wants to improve the comfort of their horse --excellent for competition riders who need rapid stabilization of core temperature to give the horse a more competitive edge due to quicker recovery from exertion.

Equi Cool is PERFECT for horses suffering from Anhidrosis ("No-Sweaters") and other heat-related problems. Versatile "one-size-fits-most" design using flexible and adjustable leg and chest straps – holds wrap in place while allowing your horse to move with minimal restraint May significantly alleviate symptoms arising from Laminitis, Allergies, Thermoregulation, Cushings Disease & Inflammatory Airway Disease.

Gone are the days of continuous hosing and scraping - just wet and wave!  NO gel, NO beads or crystals, NO frozen inserts, NO electricity needed.  No danger of tissue damage from extreme cold - Equi Cool Down wraps will gently cool effected areas.  If the wrap feels warm to the touch after a few minutes - that simply means it is working!  To reactivate cooling (spray with any temperature water if dry) and walk horse or flap sides to infuse air flow.  It is THAT easy.

No barrier needed - Equi Cool Down wraps are safe to place directly on your horse.  No cover or sock is needed to keep wrap free of debris...if it gets dirty - simply hose it down, hand-wash or even put in your washing machine with a mild detergent.  Use over and over again - Equi Cool Down wraps will still get cold! 

Trailering your horse, on an arena or a trail not even remotely close to a hose?  Any source of any temperature water will work; a pond, a well, a swimming pool - just fill a spray bottle and spray the wrap down.  Keeping the wrap wet is the key to all-day coolness. 

PRICE $169

Equi Cool Down Headbands.  Made from our high-quality Equi Cool Down towels, the Headband fits 20” to 26” head circumferences and has a 4” Velcro strap for strong hold yet easy removal.  Equi Cool Down Headbands are reusable and washable, just wet and shake for hours of coolness!  Available in Pink and Blue.

Price: $13.99




Our 2-step process begins when water of any kind gets absorbed by the multi-fiber weave. Next a plant extract actually makes the retained moisture cold when simply waved. The cooling can last for hours. Equi Cool Down towels are reusable and machine washable! Available in Blue, Green, Orange or Pink.

No Refrigeration Needed! Simply wet, wring & wave.

Reusable & Washable: Durable material can be hand or machine washed separately.

Cooling Lasts for Hours: Even in high temperatures€“ - keeping it wet provides ALL DAY cooling.

PRICE:  $14.99