Hansen Equestrian Products are handmade by owner/designer & horseman,  Sarah Hansen. All fabrics used are "Upholstery Grade" quality, which means they have gone through vigorous testing for quality and durability.  They are hypoallergenic,  & best of all machine washable! Our fabrics DO NOT shrink, wrinkle, or hold on to dirt and bacteria. ALL items are available in ANY of our Fabrics shown on this Page!

Made by an Equestrian for Equestrians! 

Wedgewood  Boot Bag

Hansen Helmet Bags are the perfect tote for around the barn, horse show or even out on the street. This simple bag can be used for your helmet, gloves, spurs or even as a purse.
They are available in all of our micro-fibre patters, they are machine washable, and come with a draw string closure that creates the ability to be worn like a back pack or hung up easily in your locker or tack trunk. Order a matching Saddle Cover, Boot Bag, Boot Towel or, 1/4 Sheet too!

PRICE: Choice pattern only $48

URBANNA Helmet Bag

ROYALE Helmet Bag


DIVA Helmet Bag

TOILE (red or onyx) Boot Bag

Towels are a must at any horse show, whether it be for wiping your horse’s nose, cleaning tack or as a last minute grooming essential at the in-gate. Our boot towels can be used for any of these things and come with the convenience of being able to clip onto your belt loop or grooming caddy. Available in our micro-fibre fabrics. 

PRICE: Choice pattern only $26

DIVA 1/4 Sheet

TOILE Saddle Cover

Hansen Saddle covers are available in both All Purpose size and Dressage. They are made from our signature micro-fibre fabrics which are easy to clean, beautiful to look at and strong enough to last many years around the barn. The covers are all lined with a lush Berber fleece that provides a cushion around your saddle protecting it from scrapes and scratches. The fleece also provides insulation that can help eliminate drying and cracking leather in cold temperatures and a moisture barrier in hot humid temperatures. Our saddle covers all have a very tight elastic to ensure a secure fit and allow for many different sizes and types of saddles to fit under them. 

PRICE: Choice pattern only $125

Herringbone Boot Bag

URBANNA 1/4 Sheet

CHATEAU Helmet Bag

Tranquility Boot Bag

Tiffany's Boot Bag



ASCOT (black ,Khaki, or red) Boot Bag


Houndstooth 1/4 Sheet

URBANNA Saddle Cover

Herringbone Helmet Bag


DIVA Saddle Cover

ASCOT (black ,Khaki, or red) Helmet Bag

Hansen Equestrian boot bags are the latest “must have” accessory for any equestrian. At 23 inches tall, they are made to fit all sizes of boots, they have a separate compartment for each boot and a removable bottom panel to help you easily transition from throwing your dirty boots in at the end of along show day to a nice clean bag for your freshly polished boots next weekend. By only having to clean the bottom panel after each show, it reduces the amount of cleaning you will have to do before your next event. The entire bag is also machine washable for those times when a wipe down just won’t do the trick. Each bag comes with a shoulder strap and a handle on the top for easy carrying. Available in all Hansen fabrics - 

PRICE: Choice pattern only $149

Toile (red or onyx) Helmet Bag


Herringbone 1/4 Sheet

BURBERRY 1/4 Sheet

Tiffany's Helmet Bag

VOGUE Saddle Cover


BURBERRY Saddle Cover

CHATEAU Saddle Cover

Purple Pony Boot Bag

ROYALE  Boot Bag

Houndstooth Helmet Bag

ASCOT (black, red, khaki) Saddle Cover

The Hansen quarter sheet is a hybrid between a traditional quarter sheet and a key hole, combining the best qualities of each. Our design includes a key hole with a Velcro closure at the pommel of your saddle. It can be worn over your legs to keep you warm for winter hacking or pleasure riding. It can also be tucked under the flap of your saddle where your billets are. This allows the rider to be able to canter, jump and have a full ride with the quarter sheet on. Your saddle holds it in place, and the cut out design at the bottom keeps it from interfering with your leg as you ride.
Our hybrid design also allows you to take the quarter sheet off if needed without having to dismount your horse. This is perfect for the warm up ring at horse shows and schooling at home.
Made from our micro-fibre fabrics and lined with only the softest Berber fleece, the Hansen quarter sheet is an essential for any winter rider.

​Size Guide:
SML (pony) - $149                             
MED (horse up to 16.1hh)- $159

LRG (warmblood 16.2 - 17.1) - $169                       XL (draft 17.2++) - $179