Wonderful Ideas for Show Giveaway Prizes & Camps!

Single Pod only $5

Pack of 5 only $25

Introducing our NEW PONY PODS


Perfect for small hands~ Hose and Go!

PRICE : $10 each

choose color and annotate in instructions to seller at checkout!


Desert Quencher
Sage extract reduces irritation and helps control dandruff, and Chaparral aids in healing minor skin irritations. Perfect for horses who rub.
Lemon Meringue
Made Bamboo extract.. this sponge provides all over smoothing effects for skin and coat! Perfect for show prep!
Herbal Tea
Nourishing Green Tea extract helps protect and soothe delicate skin. Antioxidants help build a strong healthy coat while restoring coats damaged by sun, sweat or rubbing. Tea Tree Oil helps to speed healing of minor cuts, scrapes and irritations.
Fruit Smoothie
Made with Watermelon extract to shelter and relieve stressed, overworked skin. The perfect antidote to help liven up your horse's post-show skin and coat!

Mrs. Conn's  BATH DAY Enriched Sponges

Infused with colloidal oatmeal to heal stressed, itchy skin. Perfect for horses with pink or sun-sensitive skin. Helps to calm and heal sun burn, hives, insect bites and other itchy conditions.


Mrs. Conn's Bath Day Enriched Sponges are like no other equine grooming product.  Adorable, functional and convenient! Wonderful GIFT for any equestrian, and great giveaway for show prizes!

The flower pod sponges are  ´╗┐PRE-LOADED with shampoo so you don't have to bother with lugging around messy bottles, sloppy buckets , or musty sponges.  Water activated so all you do is wet your horse and start to scrub! When it dries you will get several more washes out of just ONE flower pod! PERFECT for Horse Shows...!

Formulated specifically for delicate equine skin, and infused with special botanicals to meet the needs of MOST types of skin & coats!

Natural, reusable and compostable! We believe that horses deserve the absolute best, and we know that their busy people want convenience without compromising quality nor harm to the environment!