Saddle Stands will Arrive to you in a box as shown in pic with detailed & EASY assembly instructions (use a wrench..takes 15 min tops!)

Our Saddle Stands are made from TOP QUALITY wood and Hand crafted by our woodmaker in his USA shoppe. He had designed these timeless and Elegant saddle stands to not only be used as an “Every Day” piece in your tack room, but tag along to use in your show setup!  The open slatted, barrel design keeps the stand lighter in weight, but more importantly, it also allows air circulation to help dry out working saddles and minimize mold and mildew on your high quality leather. There is a ALSO“Bridle Block” on the front end of the barrel for hanging a halter or bridle...we of course can leave this off if you prefer!

The Saddle Stands are finished in six standard colors, “Iron Horse Black”, "Fox Red (red river)", "Royal Blue (trooper blue)", "Hunter Green (trapper green)", "Estate Gray (aka Ghost Town)", and "Mahogany" (red based stain) and have a rich, highly distressed, antiqued, “Stable Worn”, patina with a clear satin finish. The stands are disassembled for more compact shipping. Reassembly only involves reinserting 8 bolts. Assembled dimensions: HORSE SIZE- Approx. 36” high by 26.25” long (Includes 1.50" thick bridle block) by 18” wide at the feet.  PONY SIZE-Approx. 33” high by 23.50” long by 16” wide at the feet and 11.75” wide at the “Barrel”.  

PONY SIZE- $179.99- choose your color                                               HORSE SIZE-$189.99

Our TOP QUALITY Solid Wood Saddle Stands, Bridle Racks, Tack Totes (and other wood products) are all Handmade from start to finish by our Craftsman (USA). We offer a PONY size & a HORSE size, 6 lovely hand rubbed finishes, and 3 styles to fit your barn style! Best of all they are affordable & VERY easy to assemble! Ordering information is at the bottom of the page! 


UNIQUE & Classic Space Saver “Tack Room Table & Desk” is designed to be both a versatile and decorative furniture piece suitable for rough use in a tack room, Show Set Up, or Barn Office! With the simple twist of two “Butterfly” nuts the table top can be canted to an angle to use as a writing or drawing desk or to hold your electric tablet or book for easy reading.

The Table / Desk is shown "Red River"...available in all of our color at the bottom of the page. The table has a rich, highly distressed, “Antiqued”, patina with a clear satin finish. The Table is disassembled for more compact shipping. Reassembly only involves reinserting 6 bolts. Assembled dimensions: Approx. 30” high by 29” long by 17-1/2” wide.  

PRICE: $199.99


Equine Medicine Shelf


Our UNIQUE & GENIUS design allows dirt & debris to fall through the solid wood slats... These Brush Totes are handcrafted Solid Wood and "ends" come in all of our colors to coordinate with your style! Totes are 9-1/2" high by 9-3/4" wide by 17" long. We can add brass plate on end at no charge as well (just let us know)

PRICE: $79

Our lovely Handcrafted Medicine Cabinet/Shelf is wonderful for any tack room or barn office! Available in finishes below. The main construction is of sturdy 3/4” thick pine with a “Bead Board” style backing. Mounting is simple with a metal channel system that screws to your wall with  all of the mounting hardware and instructions provided.The dimensions are approximately 34” high by 17” wide by 5-1/2” deep. PRICE: $229

Our “3 Place Bridle & Tack Wall Rack”  is Shown painted “Red River" and then given a rich, highly distressed..available in any finish at the bottom of our page. Installation only requires inserting four screws and the four painted wood “Buttons” that are included. Finished dimensions are 29” long by 7-1/4” high by 2-1/4” thick. 

PRICE: $64.99


BRUSH/Travel Totes


Our 4  Place Bridle & Tack Wall Rack is made of solid wood by our craftsman...choose your color below! Installation only requires inserting six screws and the six painted wood “Buttons” that are included. Finished dimensions are 38-1/2” long by 7-1/4” high by 2-1/4” thick. 

PRICE: $74.99

TRIANGLE SHAPE~ with or w/o Calvary swords on end

Saddle Stands Available in PONY SIZE (left) OR HORSE SIZE (right)