ThinLine short girth is made out of almost 100% ThinLine!

  • Softness with Ventilating Breathable Technology
  • Distributes Pressure Evenly
  • Ani Bacterial and Anti Fungal for Healthy Skin
  • No Rub
  • Non Slip

With leather reinforcement tabs behind the roller buckles, and a unique nylon stabilizing D system, the short girth ensures equal pressure to keep horses comfortable. The anti-fugnal features of ThinLine foam allow use on multiple horses without the fear of spreading fungus and rain rot. This girth is designed to fit long billet saddles like dressage and mono-flap saddles.

Available in Black 20-34" in 2" increments. 
Available in Dark Brown 24-28" in 2" increments.

We recommend the use of ThinLine Cleaners for these products, as they have been tested and are completely safe for the ThinLine foam lining and do an excellent job of cleaning the leather in an all natural product. Or just wipe with soap and water. Easy care, long lasting. 

PRICE: $125


Adult  & Child ThinLine Half Chaps

High quality durable suede with a patch of ThinLine inside the calf to prevent rubbing and extend the life of the chaps

Small, medium, large or extra large. Black or Brown Choose size at checkout & TYPE under notes to seller.  Price: $43.99

ThinLine Dressage Bridle w/Flash Noseband ThinLine padding in the noseband and crown provides equal pressure distribution in the areas your horse needs it most to perform at his best. ThinLine's anti-fungal feature and breathability make it the perfect lining choice to keep your horse comfortable and their skin healthy. Each dressage bridle comes with a pair of standard 54" ThinLine Reins, which are no-slip and aid in creating soft, supple contact and feel, and this combo will provide a one-two punch to increased performance and scores! Black 

Sizes: COB, Full or Oversize

PRICE: $259.99

Top Quality Sheepskin with Top Performance Ultra ThinLine creates our top seller. These pads are constructed with Ultra ThinLine sewn on top of the highest quality cotton with medical grade sheepskin under the panels and at the front roll. Underneath the Ultra ThinLine layer is a pocket to insert shims to help with minor saddle fit adjustments. This is one fo the finest ThinLine products we have produced. Increase performance in how horses lift their backs, and all riders will sit closer, quieter, and be able to do more with lighter aids! Available in White or Black The ThinLine Dressage Sheepskin Pad has a spine free wither profile design measuring 23" long along the spine (21" not counting the front roll) and 21. 5" in flap length. 

PRICE: $ 259.99

ThinLine Bell Boots are made with a strong synthetic outer shell and lined with shock absorbing ThinLine material, that truly offers impact protection superior to other bell boots.

ThinLine lining is anti-fungal. Perfect for everyday. Available in Black 

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large

PRICE:  $34.99

Take the show ring by storm! These beautifully crafted European manufactured leather jumper boots (ANKLE)provide exceptional protection and style! Light weight, brass buckle closure Lined with black thinline for a discreet appearance, available in dark brown and tobacco leather. Breathable, anti-fungal lining keeps skin healthy and legs protected Dirt wont' stick to ThinLine, keep horses clean and comfortable without sheepskin. 

PRICE: $147.99

Thinline Front Jumper Boots are made with high quality leather a brass buckle closure,  and lined with black ThinLine. Breathable anti-fungal lining, ThinLine keeps legs protected. Dirt won't stick to ThinLine,which helps horses clean and comfortable. A must have for the Big Equitation Fashionistas! Available in Dark Brown or Tobacco (Because these are leather, color shades may sometimes vary) The Front Jumper Boots measure 9" tall by 7" wide. 

PRICE: $172.99 

 Our Comfort Plus® bareback pad design with a ThinLine seat. The unique ThinLine material reduces the bounce factor and helps alleviate concussion to both horse & rider. This will make for a great ride and will put the pleasure back into bareback riding. Soft suede like material with a tuck and roll ThinLine seat. Leather reinforced billets. Non slip bottom. A 28" non slip girth is included. 24" inches from front to back, 34" across to the bottom of flap on each side.  Comes in Black

PRICE: $139.99


The Trifecta takes the basic Ultra ThinLine Half pad to a whole new level. The cotton base design creates a wither profile and spine free channel allowing Ultra ThinLien to lay on either side of the spine so that it is always in the right place. The Trifecta with sheepskin rolls was developed to give riders the fashion appeal of fleece with the shock absorption needed, while eliminating the bulk, high maintence, and cost of a full sheepskin pad. This pad will fit under both custom fitted and off the rack saddles, and becasue of the pad's sleek design it won't alter saddle fit. The Trifecta is also shimmable in the Front, Bridging, and Rear to help assist with minor saddle fitting adjustments. Available in White, Black, or Natural. To choose the best fit for your saddle, measure your panels and compare them to the dimensions below. Choose the saddle pad that is large enough to cover the dimensions of your saddle's panels to ensure proper fit for your horse. 

 Medium: measures 18" between the rolls and 23" including the rolls

Large: measures 19 1/4" between the rolls and 24" including the rolls

PRICE: $174.99

Size MEDIUM (fits most medium ponies/large)

Size Large (horse)


The Ultra ThinLine Half Pad covers the weight bearing surface of the saddle and is designed to be very minimal and discreet. This pad will mold to your horse's shape when warmed to body temperature and should be used on top of your regular saddle pad, directly underneath your saddle. It does flex and move with the horse so there is no pinching or pulling across the withers or spine. This pad is ideal for experienced riders, and won't alter the fit of custom saddles. Available in Black or White, Trim or Untrimmed. Recommended to fit 15-15.5" Saddles. This pad measures 15.5" across the shoulder by 18.5" long and 12.25" wide in the seat. 

CHOOSE COLOR and trim or untrimmed AT CHECKOUT under email seller.

PRICE: 89.99

ThinLine pads offer unparalleled performance and protection for both horse/pony and rider. They absorb and distribute shock like no other pad. The ThinLine unique technology results in healthier backs, better saddle fit, and better performance.

3/16" ThinLine products, like this half pad, are ideal for experienced  riders competing in equitation and working on more advanced seat development and technique.  ThinLine pads have been proven by independent testing to improve rider equitation and stability in the saddle.

  • Maximum shock absorption
  • Covers only weight bearing surface - discreet
  • Molds to pony's shape when at body temp
  • Flexes and moves, so no pinching or pulling
  • Anti slip properties
  • Exceptional breathability
  • Improved saddle fit
  • Infused with anti-fungal & anti-microbial agents
  • Extremely durable